Hazmat suits can protect the body from potential exposure to any viruses, including the Wuhan corona virus or the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). Hazmat suits are worn by officers around the world who deal with infectious outbreaks, including Ebola, Sars, Mers, and also bird flu.

The name of hazmat suit is short for “Hazardous material suit”. This garment is specially designed to protect the wearer against harmful substances or substances, including chemicals, biological things, and viruses. Hazmat suits are personal protective equipment (PPE) that are often used by medical personnel and doctors who have contact with patients directly.

Hazmat suits are designed to be water resistant and ensure that any kind of substance or viruses cannot touch the users. This garment is made to prevent transmission of pathogens or viruses contained in the patient’s body.

100% Polyproplane PE Lamination

  • Two Layer Laminate
  • Water Rapellent
  • Anti Static
  • Breathable

Already used in:

  • Doctors and Nurses in the ICU
  • Laborat staff handling infectious patients
  • Doctors and Nurses who treat infectious patients


  • Elasticated hood for Protection
  • Elasticated waist for better fit
  • Elasticated waist for protection
  • Zipper with flap for ease and protector
  • Elasticated bottom hem for protection
  • Seam sealed for extra protection